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Hosting shouldn't be so hard.

We admit hosting is a bit complex, but it shouldn't have to be for our customers. We know you just want to have a place for your website, and it should just work! We think it should too. There are no hidden fees. The price you pay is always the same year after year. We will even migrate your website for FREE! Let us do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business.

Recently updated 07.17.2016 to a new lower price. All old customers will be adopted into new lower price.

Landing Page
250 MB Storage 500 MB Storage 2 GB Storage 5 GB Storage
2.5 GB Bandwidth 3 GB Bandwidth 5 GB Bandwidth 10 GB Bandwidth
1 FTP Account 2 FTP Accounts 5 FTP Accounts 10 FTP Accounts
3 Email Accounts 5 Email Accounts 20 Email Accounts 50 Email Accounts
1 Email List 2 Email Lists 5 Email Lists 10 Email Lists
3 Databases 4 Databases 10 Databases 15 Databases
1 Sub Domain 5 Sub Domains 10 Sub Domains 20 Sub Domains
5 Parked Domains 10 Parked Domians 20 Parked Domians 30 Parked Domains
10 Addon Domains 15 Addon Domains 20 Addon Domains 30 Addon Domains

Locally Grown

While we do have clients worldwide, we are based out of Florida. Our servers are located in Miami for quick speeds, while our staff is located mostly around Central and Northern Florida.

No Hidden Fees

Pay for what you need, and don't be overcharged for services that claim to be unlimited, but then punish you for actually using what you paid for. We spell out exactly what you are paying for, and if you need more you can upgrade when the time is right for you.

Site Migration

We know transferring a website from one host to another can be a bit difficult to say the least. That is why we will move over your files for you, and help you point your old domain to the new hosted location.

Small Business

Our packages are built around small businesses. We are a small business, and we know that you have enough stuff to worry about without having to learn a new technology.

What does Private Hosting mean?

Basically, it means that we take on only what we can handle without penalizing our clients. This helps ensure that we have dedicated support for our current clients, faster speeds, and competitive pricing.

Web Hosting Made Easy

With no hidden fees, you know exactly how much your bill will be upfront.

Here at The Lazy Sea Cow we believe web hosting should be easy for our clients. There is no fine print or hidden fees, what you see is what you get. It is easy to upgrade or downgrade services depending on your needs. The price stays the same year after year. It doesn't get easier than that.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are constantly building our questions database, feel free to check out our knowledge database for many common questions our customers will have.

Many small businesses and hobbyists have very small needs when it comes to hosting. Knowing this, "Shared Host" companies will often put more customers on a server than is probably best. This means that you and multiple people bought the same server and will have to share its resources. This leads to more frequent downtimes, and slower speeds for customers. Unfortunately, the word "Unlimited" really means, your website has unlimited data, and bandwidth until you or someone else sharing with you actually uses what you/they paid for. We skip the fine print and tell you that exact amount of bandwidth and storage. If your needs go up, you can upgrade. If your needs are not as large as you first though, you can downgrade. It's that simple.
Chances are if you only have a Landing Page (1 page website) with 10,000 visitors a month, you will be fine. If you're a small business with a couple pages and some pictures, then the Portfolio plan will most likely fit your needs.
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